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Through intercession an intimate place of our friendship with the Lord is revealed. We carry the burdens, the needs and cares of the people before our God.  Our hearts burn for the needs of our congregation, the broken, the city and the nation(s). All are called to pray, yet the Lord has also called some as watchman. As we read in Psalm 127:1, we see that the job of the watchman is a partnership with God.


We are like the control tower at an airport directing air traffic ensuring that the messages being received hit the target / land.  It involves operating out of God's war room, applying spiritual mapping, establishing what God is doing in the earth. It is a solution focused prayer approach.


Our earthly perspectives are limited, so thankfully as believers and intercessors we are in Christ, and Christ is in us, and we are seated in heavenly places with Him, and as such we have a Holy Spirit perspective and discernment to pray from heaven to earth. This gives us a revelatory insight to stake a claim and war for what needs to be loosed and bound. We partner with God for what He is doing, saying, establishing, and eliminating.


As intercessors we collaborate with God to bring a shift to this generation that is God’s heart.  Our heart beats with His heart, we are breathing together with Him, like carrying the womb of God, and like midwives, we literally labour to give birth in the spirit. As intercessors our call is not to crumble under the weight of the circumstances, but rising above them. Rejoicing in the joy that is set before us in union with God.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light. As we persist in faith and knock on the door, He is faithful, He will open it for us.   


NNC Intercession.


• Seeking the heart of God for New Nature Church and bringing that to the attention of the other intercessors and leadership.

• To bring the needs of New Nature Church before The Lord in prayer.

• Meet weekly as a team to pray strategically into key areas for New Nature Church and share / shed any burdens.

• Keeping prayer on point, specific, not bringing in any personal agendas.

• Actively seek The Lord in between Intercession meetings and being a watchman on the wall ready to pray and release what God is showing you, and bring any warnings and direction to the elders for discernment.

• Share any pressing prayer points and burdens on our dedicated NNC Intercessors Signal thread / Facebook page.

• Praying into personal needs as directed by leadership, ensuring not to disclose what is discussed outside of the New Nature Church Intercessors.

• Actively be interceding and discerning spiritual atmospheres and what God is revealing during Corporate Gatherings, and  any other events, and where a corporate prayer is to be released, refer to the elders for discernment.

• Honouring one another's voices and unique intercessory gifts, a heart for unity, hearts postured to be unoffendable, and being committed to New Nature Church

• Cover one another as the New Nature Church intercessors in prayer, having each other backs, hearts knitted together.

• Ensure that there are no gaps in the walls of New Nature Church.


Scripture References:

Ephesians 2:6 // Matthew 16:19 // Ezekiel 3:17-18 // Psalm 127:1 // Isaiah 21:6 // Psalm 133

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